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I HAVE AN AWFUL LOT ON MY MIND RIGHT NOW and things are changing here at Julie Perini Productions. If you have questions about my work email me. And let me know if you'd like to follow me on Instagram.

Julie Perini makes experimental and documentary videos and films. Always preoccupied with daily life, her short-form personal works are autobiographical, self-reflective, and expressive. Her documentary feature films are produced within and alongside contemporary social movements. You might like to treat yourself to a peak at her daily & monthly video project, the Minute Movies. She is co-director, with Jodi Darby and Erin Yanke, of the documentary feature film, Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland, Oregon (2015) distributed by Collective Eye Films. 

Upcoming Events

Media Institute for Social Change
Dinner at Citizen: Featured Guest
Weds. Aug. 30 / 7pm
Portland, Oregon

American Academy in Rome
Visiting Artist
September 18-October 2, 2017
Rome, Italy

Northwest Filmmakers Festival
Gentleman Bank Robber
November 1-5, 2017
Portland, Oregon

Playa Center Residency
November 27-December 22, 2017
Summer Lake, Oregon

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Residency
January 10-April 6, 2018
Omaha, Nebraska

Experiments in Cinema Artist Residency
April 2018
Albuquerque, New Mexico