Dimensions: 13” x 13” x 12"
digital video on monitor & small pet tent, 2011

Collaboration with Cooper Lee Bombardier and Wayne Bund.

Bundlandia follows the adventures of Feyonce and Apocalypse Tranny as they navigate their new world. Thanks to the imagination and resiliency of their queer lives, they have survived the collapse of industrial society and now must wend their ways through the verdant landscape of Oregon attending to their most basic needs: food, warmth, shelter and being true to themselves. Connecting to the QIY show's theme of shelter, the tiny tent offers a private and intimate experience for the viewer to observe these two queer characters negotiating their new rules for survival.

Created for QIY - Queer it Yourself: Tools for Survival, Queer Arts Festival, SOMArts Gallery and Cultural Center, San Francisco, California, June 4 - 24, 2011.