Minute Movies

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Since April 1, 2011, I have been shooting at least one, single-take, one-minute video each day.  I use a small video camera that fits in the palm of my hand.  I look forward to these moments, which are usually a meditative way to quietly feel 60 seconds pass.  This project is like a sketchbook, a way to record my ideas for later review. Below are a few samples and this page has even more.  There are thousands more! In 2015 I began a new series called Minute Movies Monthly, wherein I edit the previous month's Minute Movies into a short, rhythmic video.

10.30.12 - High Desert Test Sites/A-Z West, Joshua Tree, California

09.12.12 - Portland, Oregon

08.13.12 - New York City (snippet)

08.02.12 - Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, NY


07.01.12 - Guanajuato, Mexico

12.12.11 - LaGrande, Oregon

12.08.11 - Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

10.15.11 - Seoul, South Korea

08.02.11 - Portland, Oregon

06.24.11 - Portland, Oregon

04.03.11 - Portland, Oregon