Monthly 2015

After almost 4 years of shooting a Minute Movie each day, I decided to create an edited video each month, using what I had generated from this daily process. The result is Minute Movies Monthly. Watch them all and read about them below. All of these videos are dear to me, but July, August, October and December are my favorites.

Minute Movies Monthly: January 2015
1 minute & 32 seconds

This is the very first Minute Movie Monthly. I was playing around with what this project should even be: should I include every Minute Movie from the month, even if it was not so great? Should I edit the shots in the order they occurred, or pull some other editing moves? I edited this in just a few hours. I had just been doing a lot of photocopying at my job, pulling a lot of long hours, so I returned repeatedly to the image of the photocopier to communicate some of that feeling of endlessness.

Minute Movies Monthly: February 2015
1 minute & 2 seconds

This one has a lot of water, the opera, a cute skirt, and a Scrabble board near a disco ball.

Minute Movies Monthly: March 2015
1 minute & 35 seconds

Julie on the go in March! This one has lots of travel - Las Vegas, backcountry Arizona, the Pacific Ocean. It starts and ends with feet.

Minute Movies Monthly: April 2015
56 seconds

Holy variety of shot lenghts, Batman! This one skips along, with a lot of push and pull between shots.

Minute Movies Monthly: May 2015
1 minute & 42 seconds

Went out on a limb with this one and used the sound of the metronome that had been in one Minute Movie. This video also includes a shot in my office, listening to the voice of Marilyn Mosby, State Attorney for the city of Baltimore, announcing various charges against six police officiers involved in the death of Freddie Gray. And in May I was obsessed, again, with "Danny Says" by the Ramones. 

Minute Movies Monthly: June 2015
5 minutes

June always feels really expansive. It's the beginning of my summer. Everything and anything feels possible after June 15. Maybe that's why June's Monthly video is so long? It is epic - 5 minutes! I really let the shots breathe in this one, gave them each lots of time, and included almost every shot from the month.

Minute Movies Monthly: July 2015
2 minutes & 9 seconds

Played with some fun editing patterns in this one, with the two shots of trains and the window fan/washing machine combination.

Minute Movies Monthly: August 2015
1 minute & 56 seconds

August is a good one! There's some wacky coffee cup lid editing right off the bat, then I used the couch fabric sample book as a structuring device for the rest of the video.

Minute Movies Monthly: September 2015
1 minute & 50 seconds

September's Monthly is interesting. I liked a lot of the shots but was having trouble making them work together. So I divded the video up into three distinct "movements."

Minute Movies Monthly: October 2015
1 minute & 51 seconds

Hello, October. Nice to see you and your gorgeous leaves again. Spoiler alert: a collander falls out of the closet.

Minute Movies Monthly: November 2015
1 minute & 18 seconds

I linger around the School of Music frequently. It's so fun to walk around and listen to people manipulate sound, or learn to manipulate sound. I like being able to hear that learning process, with its frequent stops and starts and occasional shouts of joy upon getting it right.

Minute Movies Monthly: December 2015
2 minutes & 3 seconds

This is the only Minute Movie Monthly where the shots are ordered  chronologically - this is the order in which they occurred. This was also the quickest to edit - I tried this first idea of putting them in order, and it all hung together beautifully, so I kept it.