Monthly 2016

Here we go! Year Two of Minute Movies Monthly.

The Pears Have Something to Teach Us.
Minute Movies Monthly: January 2016
1 minute & 43 seconds

For 2016, I decided to give each Monthly video a title. January's video shows us a rare snow day in Portland, along with several other adventures around the house and around town. 

Inside. Outside.
Minute Movies Monthly: February 2016
1 minute & 12 seconds

There are only eight shots in this Monthly, even though I shot more than thirty videos this month because I was inpsired by travel I did to Los Angeles and the Midwest. This may be an indication that the Monthly videos are moving in a new direction, untethered to the "overview of the month" organizing principle I began this project with last year.

Dirt. Wood. Rain. Plants. Taco Joint. 
Minute Movies Monthly: March 2016
1 minute & 8 seconds

Rainy spring break at a farm. The city of Portland is changing rapidly. Walks. Flowers. Robo Taco.

Tie Dye Moment
Minute Movies Monthly: April 2016
1 minute & 50 seconds

I had business in Chicago (Labor Notes), Albuquerque (Experiments in Cinema), and Oakland (Open Engagement) this month. And I cruised around Portland.

tiny shiny spot by the train
Minute Movies Monthly: May 2016
2 minutes & 10 seconds

10 shots. 3 seconds each. Cylces through 4 times. Movement. Stasis.