They have a name for girls like me.

digital video, 38 minutes & 44 seconds and growing, 2007 - ongoing (2017 version here)

They have a name for girls like me. is an experimental video using appropriated material from films with characters named “Julie,” as Julie is also my name.  As I researched Julie films, I discovered an astonishing array of female roles: wanton women, slutty teens, rebellious housewives, and more.  Fictitious filmic Julies abound, and I have about 40 of them stored on my hard drive.  Each time a gallery or theater has asked me to screen this work I cut another Julie film, editing out all of the footage except for the moments when a character utters the word, “Julie.”  This creates an exhausting repetition of the one word, Julie, while also offering viewers a frenzied cross-section of global fiction narrative filmmaking.  The video explores ideas about cinematic identification, the history of representation of women in cinema, and notions of gender as performance.  This piece constantly grows longer and is a different edit each time the work screens.

Check out these eight Flattened Videos made from frames from this video.