Video Projection with Movement

Photo credit: Jeff Jahn as posted in PORT

digital video projection, two fans, paper, string, 2012

While on Signal Fire's Winter Wren artist residency in Eastern Oregon, I had been testing different ways to create image projections that landed on multiple planes. I hit on this simple way to create movement within the projection field, using wind from fans with lightweight objects.  This gently floating paper coupled with close-up slow-moving pans of natural materials (leaves, needles, etc.) created a meditative space that I wanted.  For this recently installed version in Portland, I used only a few seconds of footage of dead leaves.

Jeff Jahn of PORT wrote a review of this installation that was included in a group show called Rumblings which was part of Experimental Film Fest Portland.  Read the review.

This video gives a sense of what the projection with movement is like.  This is from my initial tests in my studio.

Thanks to Dustin Zemel, one of the co-curators for the first iteration of the Experimental Film Fest Portland, for his work installing this with me. Thanks also to Reese Kruse and Gallery Homeland in Portland, Oregon.